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✔ Pool Openings & Closings

Whether you need someone to winterize your pool in the fall, or get it ready in the spring for another season of fun, we have various packages to do it for you. Click here for details and pricing according to your specific pool cover.

✔ Pool Maintenance

Don't have the time to keep your pool clean? Tired of guessing if you're adding the proper chemicals when you should? Let us take care of it for you! Click here for pricing.

✔ Replacement Liners

If your pool liner is looking old and faded and you want to give the pool a fresh look, give us a call. We can custom measure a liner and install it for you. See more details here.

✔ Concrete Pool Painting

If the paint on your concrete pool is looking discoloured, or if it's started to chip, we'd be happy to liven it up with some fresh paint. Get more information here.

✔ Pool School

If a pool is a new responsibility for you, let us come to you and show you how to operate and maintain it, including chemical balancing and vacuuming. Click here for details.

✔ Equipment Repairs & Installation

Whether you have some pool equipment that is in need of repairs or replacement, or you're looking to add something new, please contact us. We can get your pool working just the way you'd like! Click here for more info.

✔ Safety Covers

Also called an "elephant cover", safety covers are a great option to keep your pool covered for the winter and keep kids and pets safe. Find out more here.

✔ More Services Available!

If you're looking for any other services, click here to see if they're mentioned. Otherwise, please contact us because we may still be able to help you.


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